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7 Brain Foods For Your Little Guy or Gal

Brain Foods?

Helping kids become stronger with food is not just about the body, but the brain too!

Coming in at number 1 on WebMD’s list is…


With omega 3 fatty acids- DHA and EPA- little and adult brains can function at optimal levels. Tuna is not as high in these fatty acids which is why salmon is the one to win! Salmon can be added on sandwiches, salads, or as the main dish with a side of veggies. You could even make salmon patties.

brain foods, salmon!


Eggs made the list due to high levels of choline an essential brain food.


…is vital for the creation of memory stem cells, formed deep within our brains. ~Prevention

Get creative with eggs. Try them with your kids scrambled, poached, deviled, and more! You can add them in with other foods, create delicious omelettes, and quiches. Put them on toast, have them over rice. They’re so versatile! Even make a great soup!

Get creative with eggs!


Especially walnuts are a great brain food. Have you noticed that they look like a brain? You may want to point out that fun fact to your kids. You can include nuts and seeds in your children’s meals and snacks by sprinkling them on bread and cereal or even throwing them in a smoothie.



Oatmeal is high in fiber. High fiber foods give kids a brain boost!

Oatmeal provides glucose, or blood sugar, which is your brain’s basic fuel. That’s why kids who eat a good breakfast perform better in school than those who don’t… ~LiveStrong

oatmeal with blueberries

Notice what’s on top of that oatmeal?…


Berries have antioxidants essential for the brain and body to function at its’ peak! This is extra essential for developing brains. Kids typically adore berries. You can stir them into your child’s oatmeal, make them into a smoothie, or even make a sweet sorbet with them for a treat!

Berries and berries


Beans come in such a variety that you are sure to find some your kids like. With a ton of protein, nutrients, and complex carbohydrates, the brain loves them too. The fiber and minerals help keep energy up and kids feeling full for longer while their little bodies stay active.

Beans can be added to salads, thrown in burritos, or eaten with chili on a cool day.

Beans are good for two things and one is for your brain

7.Colorful Vegetables

Again, high in antioxidants that support immune function and brain function. The more colorful the better! Get your kid’s thinking about eating the rainbow! (See: EATING THE RAINBOW- MAKING HEALTHY FOOD FUN)

Vegetables with rich, deep color are an excellent source of antioxidants to keep the brain cells healthy. ~MedicineNet

colorful vegetables


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