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Kid Approved Summer Recipes That Are Healthy And Fun!

The summer brings with it fresh fruits and vegetables that we don’t always get at other times of the year. It can be loads of fun to cook outside, have a picnic, and soak in the refreshing summer air. If you are looking for some fun kid-approved recipes for the summer, you are in the right place! Check out today’s roundup and just click on the pictures to be taken to all the recipes. Happy dining!

Kid Approved Summer Recipes


Watermelon pizza, banana split bites and mango popsicles- Yum!

summer recipes


Our healthy recipes for kids are full of nutritious ingredients that will keep your kids fueled and healthy through all of their summer activities.

summer recipes

Eating Well


The people over at the Food Network know their stuff! This list provides a variety of dishes to keep your kids enjoying summer.

Summer Recipes

Food Network


Summer dinner inspiration for the whole family to enjoy!

Summer Recipes

Popsugar Moms


Many of these recipes are parent created and have ratings so you know what to try first. From sparkly beverages to main dishes, you have loads of inspiration!

summer recipes

“Summer implies a sense of immediacy, a capacity to capture the essence of the fleeting moment.”
Elizabeth David, food writer (1913-1992)

“We all eat, and it would be a sad waste of opportunity to eat badly.” Anna Thomas

Happy Summer Feasting!

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