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5 Fit Kid Secrets for the New Year

January has come and gone, and during the time off from school and colder days, it can be a struggle to keep your kids on track with healthy habits in terms of fitness and nutrition. It’s best to get your kids on a healthy eating and exercising regime early on in the year, and stick to it until the holidays are upon us at the end of the year.

Kids Stretching


Here are some pointers to get you started on the right track for 2016!\

1)    Move more on weekends

Get up off the couch and make a habit of doing a little bit of exercise, at least on Saturdays. If you can’t get outside for whatever reason, there are great exercise games such as the Wii-Fit, X-Box Fitness, dancing games or Wii-Sports. All of them an improvement on watching TV.

2)    Get outside

If it’s not too cold, make the effort to get outdoors, and if it is freezing, rug up and hit the rink or build a snowman! But remember, there’s always indoor skating, rock climbing, trampoline centers and more, depending on your area!

3)    Give your pet some exercise

Most pets don’t get the exercise they require, so now is a good time to schedule in pooch walks, even organizing to meet up with your neighbours and take all your pets for a walk for some social fun too!

Kids Exercising


4)    Be a real role model

Lead by example. Talk to your kids about diet and how it can affect their energy and alertness, depending on what foods they eat and when. You are what you eat, so lead by example and eat well!

5)    Teach your kids to say “no thank-you”

A very underlooked point. Teach your kids that it’s okay to politely decline food when it’s offered. This is especially important at social gatherings, so get them practising ‘no, thank you’, to avoid any unnecessary overeating.

6)    Choose the healthier option at parties and celebrations

A tough one. But when at parties, you resisting the temptation to grab an extra helping of potatoes and gravy can work wonders when your child notices it. Lead by example and eat the foods that you want your child to eat, and don’t go overboard to only berate your child when they do the same.



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