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A Healthy Meal and Snack Day For A Toddler

Wondering what a healthy food day looks like for a toddler? Wonder no more…

Meal and Snack Ideas For Toddler


This post contains what type of foods to offer your child, plus drink and snack ideas. A whole and fabulous list of meal ideas for little hands and little bodies too!


By age two, your child should be eating three healthy meals a day, plus one or two snacks. ~HealthyChildren

toddler meal plan


A resource that shares how the nutritional needs of a toddler differs from that of older children. This link contains posts on everything from food combining to meal planning!


All you need is a few minutes to prepare these healthy snacks!

toddler with a watermelon



From ethnic dishes with mild seasons to classics, you can cook all kinds of meals and start introducing your toddler to new things! Recipes for great dips for veggies and fruits too!

Don’t forget to search Pinterest for Ideas too! Toddler Meals 

10 easy meals



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