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7 Brilliant High-Protein Snack Ideas Your Kids Will Love

Protein is important for everyone, but especially for the growing youngsters in your life! They need protein to grow and develop properly. But, sometimes you need something a bit more clever than scrambled eggs or turkey. Here are some ideas to mix things up…

High-Protein Snack Ideas


Nut butters are a wonderful addition to pack in some protein and these boats are fun to eat too!

high-protein snack ideas



Cheese can help your kids get in some protein, but you can up the health quotient by adding in some fruit.

high-protein snack ideas

3.Hummus, She Knows

Hummus is a healthy way to fit in more protein. It makes a great dip for a variety of veggies and delights with its nutty flavor.




Chia seeds are packed with nutrients including protein. It looks a bit odd but tastes delicious. high-protein snacks


A clever way to eat your yogurt.

high-protein snack ideas

Capturing Joy


A nice and cool popsicle without all the artificial ingredients.


Nourishing Minimalism


Skip the oven and have your kids help you stir up a batch of these!


Ready to try some of these high-protein snack ideas? You and your kids will love them!

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