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7 Colorful Smoothie Recipes For Kids To Taste The Rainbow

Smoothies are a wonderful way to “sneak” in extra nutrition in your child’s diet. They are colorful, fun, and delicious! They also make a quick and easy snack or breakfast for on the go busy families. If you are looking for some new recipes, you are in the right place. Taste the rainbow with your kids!

7 Colorful Smoothie Recipes


Hide the spinach behind the deliciousness of carrots and oranges. This is a balanced recipe full of protein and nutrients.

Smoothie Recipes


This recipe uses greek yogurt and almond milk to pack in the healthy protein. It also has chia seeds which are full of nutrition and is sweetened with agave syrup.

smoothie recipes

What’s Gaby Cooking


This smoothie comes with a tropical flair! Low in fat and full of vitamin C this one will keep your kid’s immune system healthy.

smoothie recipes

BBC Good Food


Again with this one, the fruit hides the greens and your kids will not even taste the spinach. But, they will be getting all its nutrient dense value. Plus it’s gorgeous!

smoothie recipes

Simply Designing


Beets are colorful little wonders that help purify the blood. But, they can be a bit challenging to feed your kids. But, not if you throw them in a smoothie with some blueberries!


Mom Junction


The almond butter makes this recipe smooth and creamy. The chocolate protein powder adds dessert like flavor. It’s a dance for the taste buds.

Smoothie Recipes

Mom Junction


Carrots and cucumber are balanced with the sweetness from the fruit. You get almost the whole rainbow in one delicious glass.



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