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Tasty and Surprisingly Healthy Yogurt Snacks Your Kids Will Love

Yogurt can be a fun and healthy addition to your child’s diet. Today’s roundup will give you some great ideas to incorporate this easy, gut-healthy, and delicious food…

Healthy And Delicious Yogurt Snacks and Recipes


The grab and go Go-Gurt sticks are great to pack in your child’s lunch but did you know you can make a healthier version at home? Renee has some great tips in this post to involve your kids in the flavor creation, plus a fabulous recipe!




Simple Bites

A wonderful way to make fruit snacks more interesting and flavorful is by adding a yogurt dipping sauce.

All you need is:

  • ¼ cup plain yogurt
  • 2 teaspoons honey

Click the picture for full directions.


Need a snack to satisfy your little one’s sweet tooth fast? This delicious strawberry frozen yogurt recipe may be the answer.

Fast, easy, and delightful!

Four ingredients and five minutes. Add a homemade waffle cone to the equation and you should go ahead and alert your local ice cream shop that there’s a new dairy queen in town.

yogurt snacks

Maybe you want a savory, rather than sweet, snack idea using yogurt…


Another wonderful dip but this one tastes better with veggies. Get your little one eating those carrot and celery sticks!

You can use greek yogurt to up the protein factor in this recipe.

The cucumber, garlic, and lemon make this a zesty  addition to any veggie plate!



Simply adding granola or muesli to your child’s yogurt is an easy way to make it more filling and add in some extra nutrients.

Super Healthy Kids has a 5 -Ingredient Granola you can make at home HERE



We couldn’t end this list of yogurt ideas without a classic smoothie recipe. A nutrient packed smoothie is a great breakfast idea or afternoon pick-me-up!


Rachel Ray

Also, check out:

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