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Cooking games for kids

As a parent you might have noticed that today’s kids don‘t play as much with actual toys as they did before. Nowadays, most children play on their tablets or phones and we’ve all seen the 3 year old that has much more control over these devices then their parents, right?

When it comes to games on these devices, there’s a lot to choose from. Some of those games are just for fun while others have a “hidden learning” in them, like for instance .

Benefits of Cooking Games for Your Kids

Cooking games for kids have great benefits for your child. Not only do they help your child appreciate food and , but cooking games for kids also help your child learn how to:

  • peel
  • chop
  • slice
  • boil
  • fry

and everything else involved in cooking.

Cooking games for kids help make food, in general, look more attractive for children, which can help a lot with the picky eaters. They also provide knowledge on how to:

  • serve food
  • decorate the table

enhances skills like:

  • mathematics – when measuring ingredients
  • And patience – waiting for the food to be ready.

Differnet Styles of Cooking Games for Your Kids

Cooking games for kids can vary a lot in design, complexity and style. While some only focus on doing one easy recipe, others have multiple recipes that the kids can make and some even let the child use their imagination to create new recipes.

So whether your child wants to be a princess and only make cakes, be an Italian chef, work at a restaurant or simply do homemade recipes, then there are hundreds of cooking games for kids that they can choose from.

Cooking games for kids are mostly advertised towards girls, but boys can enjoy them just as much. Remember, there are a lot of male chefs out there!

There are a lot of ice cream making and baking cooking games but we decided to choose it a bit healthier games, and maybe even help your kids value the homemade food. Below you can see some of our favorites that can be played on the computer or on tablet/phone and that both girls and boys can play.

10 Cooking Games Your Kids Will Enjoy




In Papa‘s Taco Mia your child has its own taco stand where they serve customers. Most customers have customizable tacos and some are very picky on their food, if your kid messes with their order they lose customers.

With every new level you reach, you get more costumers and new products. If you do well, you could even upgrade your taco stand to a high-class restaurant!




In Thanksgiving Turkey feast your kid learns all about stuffing, candied yams, turkey and more recipes related to Thanksgiving. In the game the kid is a head chef and is in charge of creating a menu, cooking and setting the table.




In Meal Time you have to feed hungry animals with the right food. Be careful of rotten fruits and you’ll do fine. With every level you accomplish, you get new outfits to dress up the animals.




In this game your kid will prepare delicious hamburgers for our princesses. You can choose from a lot of ingredients to make them the perfect hamburger.




Swedish Meatballs is a great as a side or as a whole meal. In this fun game your kid learns how to season, blend, roll, fry and serve them.




Sara, the main character helps your kid make a complete meal based around meat loaf, we’re talking mashing potatoes, cooking vegetables and serving the table.




Penny the Penguin is the main character in this fun diner game. The goal is to help Penny owning the best diner in Antarctica by playing through four different locations, serving customers and winning prized-stars.

This is round two of the hit game Penguin Diner – bigger and better!




In Fishy Feast your child gets to choose from different kinds of fish, sauce, garnished and sides to make the perfect seafood meal. They can even top it off with shrimp, octopus, lobster and delicious fresh vegetables.

You can even download the game!




In this game the goal is to impress a world class French chef. Your child can choose from any tasty combination and any recipe. It’s all about the freshest ingredients to fry, freeze, slice, chop and boil.




In this fun Papa’s game you can learn how to make yummy gnocchi from scratch, experiment with different toppings on the pasta like butter sauce with garlic, peas or bacon and see if you can make it to the top charts of restaurants everywhere.


Not only do these games have all the benefits, we told you about earlier, they also allow for a quality time between you, the parent and the child. Sit down with your kids and play with them, you can learn a lot about what they think of the food and teach them a thing or two from your secret recipes.

The best part about these cooking games for kids is that they are free!

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